A unique seal par excellence

José María Goñi


A unique seal par excellence

José María Goñi had his early approach to the luxury world when he was a child. His half French, half Japanese grandmother, Harriete Hou Carrier, owned a striking collection of European jewelry, which was his primary source of inspiration. In this way, the origin of his perspective and concept of beauty and esthetics was conceived. Furthermore, his grandfather, who owned gold mines, was from whom he inherited a concrete preference for gems and metals.

Bachelor of textile design at the University of Palermo, in Paris, the Chilean designer refined his talent with specific studies in art and gemology.

“Each piece is a story. During the time they are built, quests, changes and learnings are created. Everything needed to provide my energy through a unique timeless object”

Exhibited in an area of the luxurious window displays from the French high society, the high-end department store “Le Bon Marché” paved the way to the European market. Now his creations reach clients all over the world, including the Royal Family of Malaysia and the famous singer Madonna. Based in Bangkok, the designer elaborates his new collections with the vision that typifies him, which, inter alia, earned him the “Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2019”, rewarding the most prominent global luxury brands.

“There is plenty of heart and soul into every piece of jewelry. Everything begins with a wax block for the mold and the design changes greatly until it comes into being. Since my jewels are handmade, they convey life”

His inspiration is as purposeful as his character and perfectionism. Throughout his career he has been able to develop a special instinct for the selection of precious stones and to shape unique pieces of jewelry, created to astound and be admired by the demanding world of luxury.